What Sellers Need To Know

Want to sell with us?


Top 5 reasons to consign with KMOM
1. Earn 75% of your sales, which you price!
2. No registration fee!
3. Easy-to-use seller technology!
4. We are a nonprofit which means you get a tax receipt for the items you sell (25% donation)!
5. Pre-shop the night before the sale!

We ask each seller to do the following:

1. Volunteer at least three hours between setup and breakdown.

2. Bring a self-addressed stamped envelope when you drop off items. Your check and donation receipt will be mailed to you after the sale.

3. Donate $4 for the bake sale or bring a baked good item. Proceeds from the bake sale go towards the KMOM scholarship fund.

4. Prepare your items for sale. Make sure that your items are clean, and free of stains and rips; hand clothing and tag your items so they are ready for sale; and ensure items have working batteries if required.

5. Sort clothes by size and gender. To help check-in run smoothly, please have your clothing items sorted in order by gender and size when you arrive at check-in.

6. Pickup your unsold items promptly at 2 PM. Unsold items that have not been tagged to be donated, will be ready for pickup at 2 PM after the public sale has closed. You must show up immediately at 2 PMafter the sale has closed to pick-up your unsold items. If you do not show up, your items will be donated. Everything will be cleared out by 3 PM, so you must show up at 2 PM to retrieve your unsold items. If you chose to donate your unsold items anyway, there are instructions for how to tag those items so they stand out.

Being a seller, you’ll get to preshop the night before the public sale. The preshop starts at 6:15 PM on Friday. *** Want to shop at 6:00? You can earn VIP rights to shop starting at 6 PM at the FOLLOWING SALE if you work 6 hours or more (have other family members volunteer too to combine your hours!). That 15 minutes can be a great advantage to getting first picks on the items you want!

To register for the sale and begin entering items:
From the KMOM website (www.keystonemom.org), you can find the sale site (http://www.mysalemanager.net/g_mobconsignorlogin.aspx) – which includes a self-registration link (click the button next to “Need a consignor number?”, and the KMOM Tagging System Guide (which are step-by-step instructions on how to enter items into the system). The instructions are long, but if you haven’t used the system before, they’ll take you through it step by step. If you’ve sold at other sales, it’ll may look familiar. If you haven’t sold at other sales or want some additional information, check out the “What sellers may need” and “What sellers can expect” section of the KMOM website.

Prices start at $.50, and go up in increments of $.50. We don’t do a “discount”, so you can ignore that field, but that means that everything is at its best price from the beginning.

On the KMOM website home page, you’ll also see a signup link (https://www.timetosignup.com/kmomsale/). The signup site is used for three reasons:

– Pick the time that you would like to drop your items off
– Choose the time to volunteer (3 hours minimum)
– Signup for a bake sale item to bring

Each seller will need to use the TimeToSignUp link to choose their preferences for dropoff time, volunteering, and bake sale item. We do not use the signup sections within the MySaleManager (tagging) system.