What Sellers May Need

To get started, you’ll need a few items:

  • Cardstock-  you’ll need this to print your pricing tags onto. You can order them from Amazon but you can get some from AC Moore or Michael’s too and use a coupon towards it. Don’t use regular paper, it’s too thin and rips easily.
  • Safety pins or a tagging gun. You will need to use either safety pins or a tagging gun to put the tags on your clothing items. You’ll most likely need safety pins, regardless if you use them to put the tags on, for securing clothing to the hangers (especially small ones or pants). Tagging guns can be ordered from Amazon.
  • Scissors to cut the price tags apart. Or, you can go to Fed Ex/Kinkos and have them do the cutting. It is relatively cheap ($3 per cut I believe) and saves your hands from the scissors.
  • Lots of hangers. All clothing must be on hangers. If you need some, send an email to kmomCEsale@gmail.com. Cashiers remove the hangers at checkout and can provide them to our sellers. People have also got them from dry cleaners or Sears.
  • Bags (Ziploc kind) for smaller items, such as books, bibs, toys, etc.
  • Packing or paint edging tape to put tags on non-clothing items. Since you don’t want to damage items with the tape, you can put plastic wrap around the item first and then put the tag on.
  • Zip ties for attaching shoes together.
  • Duct tape for helping to keep clothes on hangers. This is a great trick if you need to hang pants, for example, on a regular hanger. Cut off 2 strips of tape (maybe 2 inches each) and put one on each side of the hanger (the diagonal sides) where you want the safety pins to stay. Fold each piece over so there isn’t any of the sticky side showing. Pin the pants through the tape and onto the hanger. That way the pins don’t slide.
  • A means of accessing the Internet (laptop, tablet, desktop, etc.) and a printer. Many people use a printing service, like Fed Ex/Kinkos, to print their tags. They do that if they don’t have a printer or don’t want to use their ink/paper.