What Sellers Can Expect

You price your items and get 75% of the sale price. The other 25% is considered a donation and you’ll get a donation letter with your check that you can then use for tax purposes. That’s one of the things that sets us apart from other sales, which are typically profit oriented. KMOM is a non-profit organization and we use this sale as our primary fund raiser.

Everyone finds what works best for them when tagging. Some people enter all their items and then print out and attach the tag. Others do them in batches. There isn’t a right or wrong way…it’s just whatever way works best for you.

When you tag clothing, put them on hangers. The opening on the hook of the hanger should face left (like a question mark). That way all clothes are hung the same way to make it easy for sellers to see your item.

Please have your clothes in order by size and gender.

You can bring your items to the sale anyway you can. Most people bring them in plastic bins (like Rubbermaid containers), but anything works (boxes, hand carry, etc.). It’s also best to have your seller number on the bins. That way if it’s backed up, which it often gets during drop off, the check-in volunteers will know which are yours. They try to go in order of drop-off times.

The sale is held at the First Church of God Community Center, 201 E. Green St, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055. When you come to check-in, park in the parking lot and carry your bins in through the double loading dock doors on the side of the building. When you bring in the first one (or first trip), stop by the table to check in. Give the person your name, your self-addressed stamped envelope, and your baked good contribution. You can then bring in the rest of your items.

If there’s a line for checking in clothing, you can set your bins on the floor in front of the check-in area. You can put any other items out on the floor while the clothes are being examined. Stick around until your clothing has been examined because sometimes the lighting is better there and some stains or holes may be caught that you may not be able to see at home, but stand out there. Those items will be given back to you to take home.

After the sale is over, you’ll pick your unsold items up – promptly at 2 pm after the public sale. You will come in and find your items. We try to organize all the seller’s items together, but it really depends on the number of volunteers that we have. You will need to remember what all you brought so you can look in that area to see if they are still there or have been sold. You can print out a list of your tagged items to help you remember.

Remember before you leave to look by the stage at the “Lost Tag/Damaged” section. If items lose their tag or are stained or damaged (caught by a customer and not at check-in), it will be put in that section for sellers to go through and see if any of their items are located there. Any items not picked up from this section cannot be donated and will be disposed.


Email us at kmomCEsale@gmail.com.